Nan Xue

Research Associate Professor
School of Computer Science, Wuhan University
Location: Wuhan, Hubei, China
Email: xuenan [at] whu [dot] edu [dot] cn

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I am currently a Research Associate Professor of the School of Computer Science at Wuhan University. Before joining Wuhan University as a faculty member, I was a visiting scholar of iVMCL Group at NC State University, working with Prof. Tianfu Wu. I finished my Ph.D. at Wuhan University, advised by Prof. Liangpei Zhang and Gui-Song Xia in CAPTAIN group. My research interests include structural perception based on line segments in computer vision.

Recent News

2021. 10: Our research for Object Detection in Aerial Images has been accepted by IEEE TPAMI.
2021. 09: Our novel bottom-up human pose estimation approach LOGO-CAP is available on arXiv.
2021. 07: Two papers for 3D plane recovery and table structure parsing are accepted for ICCV 2021.
2021. 05: Our CATS for crisp edge detection has been accepted by IEEE TPAMI.

Selected Publications